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We are Bulk SMS Light and we are here to lead the Online Marketing Business. We are Online Promoters and Bulk SMS Service Providers. Our team comprises of experienced engineers from this line of work. We specialize in all the forms of Bulk SMS Services. You can avail the most affordable Bulk SMS Service in India through our Cost effective SMS Packages. Bulk SMS is a simple solution for Promotions and Information Sharing and BulkSMSLight works with Registered Schools, Corporate companies, Advertisers and Non-profit organizations.

  • 100% High Priority Route
  • Instant Delivery in 5-10 Seconds
  • Branded Sender ID like LM-BRANDS
  • Powerful HTTP API's
  • Incredibly Fast Support

Why Use Bulk Sms Service

Bulk SMS services/ Bulk messages are considered as one of the cheapest modes for communication purpose in today's time and it has the ability of fastest reaching to the targeted audience. It has many advantages as you can use it for invitations messages, advertising of any product or services, event reminders messages, payment and confirmation SMS, election campaigns, e-commerce platform, schools and educational institutions, and many more.

  • Discount offers SMS
  • Promotional SMS
  • OTP’s, Alerts, Transactions notifications
  • API's for software applications

Our Features

API Support

Our SMS API Gateways enables you to do much more than just sending messages, it allows you to integrate your system with our software. Here you can customize the API application according to your needs. You can create groups, Shorten URL, send OTP’s, Retrieve Reports, Track SMS balances. Our API Gateways are most user friendly as it support many functions such as PHP etc.

SMS Scheduling

Scheduling is great technique for sending SMS to Time Targeted audience. You do not need to stay at desk for odd hours, you just need to schedule SMS with particular contact group and our application will send your SMS on designated hour. One can do this operation simply by logging into their registered account.

Language Application

Local language can play important role in promotions and sharing crucial information for people who prefer reading innative languages. You can send SMS in more than 15 languages by using our transliteration application. In a single SMS you can use 70 unicode characters and style them in best possible way.

Tracking and Reporting

You can pull timely reports from the server by using your Account. Tracking of SMS is enabled for live reports and Scheduled Reports. This feature will help you to measure the effectiveness of a particular Campaign. You can then compose your content suited to your audience and look out what’s best for your recipients.

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Standard SMS messages may be up to 160 characters.
Primo Smart Future provide technique to send SMS (messaging) one by one or in bulk. Low Per Message Cost, Zero up front cost and Instant Delivery are some of the key advantages of our SMS Service.
Distributed Ledger Technology(DLT) is a Blockchain-based registration system. This Ledger keeps track of all the records of transactions made by network participants. Where telemarketers need to be registered And Sign up with operators and users & resellers with operators but through Telemarketer Company.
Yes, its available with out any charges.
You pay for each SMS which you send via Primo Smart Future Bulk SMS application or via Bulk SMS API. Primo Smart Future Bulk SMS Service is free to test - Free credit will be provided after signup. We use fast & quality connections to mobile networks to guarantee the fastest deliverability of your SMS.
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